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Op-amp clean boost.


The OSTARA Op-Amp is a clean boost pedal. It provides 20dB of gain.

Buy the original boost version here: Ostara

Buy the original point-to-point kit version here: Ostara Kit

Differences between the OSTARA Op-Amp and the original OSTARA include:

  • “Eclipse” artwork
  • Op-amp amplification circuit for a clean boost
  • 0dB of gain at 0% knob travel

This clean boost pedal features high-end components and point-to-point wiring. Place it before your fuzz or distortion pedal to push more saturation out of your pedal chain. Or place it before your tube amp to take optimal advantage of your amp’s distortion.

This is a made-to-order pedal. Please allow 2 weeks lead time.

Weight.4 kg
Dimensions18 × 12 × 9 cm

Logo Beanie

$28.00 CAD
The front of the Ostara Op-Amp pedal.


$120.00 CAD

Long Logo T-shirt

$24.00 CAD
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The front of the Stutter Silence pedal showing two foot switches.


$100.00 CAD