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ANOMALOUS was founded in 2021 in Calgary, AB Canada with a mission to build unique and striking effects pedals, both sonically and visually. ANOMALOUS pedals often feature unique circut designs and one-off hand painted enclosures, making them a true standout on any pedalboard.

Unique Effects

Bespoke circuits and hand-painted artwork. Once they’re sold, they’re gone.

Stock Effects

Useful for every pedalboard and setup. Always in stock and ready to build and ship.

Custom Effects

Let your imagination run wild. Work with us to make your perfect effects pedal.

Michael Teh

Pedal builder


Environmental consciousness is not discussed enough in the electronics industry. In fact, the industry has a particularly poor reputation:

  • Planned obsolescence
  • Diminishing repairability
  • Toxic lithium mining
  • Poor recycling access
  • Harmful recycling practices
  • Large scale production of components and finished products from polluted countries
  • Excessive electricity consumption for some products

The list goes on.

As much as I would like to produce environmentally conscious effects pedals, this is the electronics industry. Some aspects just come with the territory. That said, it would be irresponsible of me to turn a blind eye to these issues just because the solutions seem so bleak. Here’s the commitment I’ve made to reduce the environmental impact for ANOMALOUS:

  1. Use recycled and new old stock (NOS) components whenever possible. These components are considered waste by most electronics companies, but are valuable to musical equipment manufacturers.
  2. Source new components from reputable distributors. Reputable distributors source new components from single sources, reducing the environmental impact of multiple manufacturing plants and shipping origin locations.
  3. Use the least number of components possible. Reducing circuits to their bare minimum components means I’ll have to order less often.
  4. Build pedals with the highest degree of quality. My pedals should last a lifetime and should not need to be replaced.
  5. ZERO batteries. All my pedals are powered exclusively by 9V mains. You’ll never see an ANOMALOUS pedal powered by a battery.
  6. Recycled and recyclable packaging. All the packaging I use is 100% recycled and recyclable. That includes the exterior paper wrapping, the tape, the cardboard box, and the tissue paper.

If you know of any other ways to reduce the environmental impact for businesses such as mine, please drop me a line.

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